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221 Real Estate has exclusively partnered with a world leader for high value real estate and other asset transactions within the luxury market. Idoneus is digitalizing the purchase, sale and rental process for luxury properties, commercial real estate and other assets with a cryptocurrency called IDON and blockchain technology.

Idoneus is an active institutional investor which is acquiring fine assets globally across multiple asset classes including: Real Estate, Fine Art, Unique Precious Gemstones, Aircraft, Yachts, etc. They are one of the few well-funded, active investors which are providing avenues for owners of unique assets of high-value to move out of dormant holdings into a globally deployable currency.

Though, the main focus for most participants is to divest from an asset they currently no longer desire to own and move into an asset holding that has tremendous opportunities for real world utility in the luxury asset space as the token economy expands globally. Idoneus has a growing client database of thousands of high net worth individuals.

Idoneus was created by highly experienced members of the asset management, asset trading and fintech industries. Many believe the IDON Token has the potential to increase the total value of the Luxury Asset Market, as they are allowing greater participation from new sources of wealth who are seeking to transact in the new token economy in a safe and efficient manner. Idoneus is enabling private investors, family offices and institutions greater speed and security of trading regardless of the physical complexities of the asset in question.

IDON is a cryptocurrency offered out of Switzerland which was created specifically to facilitate the trade of high-value assets on the blockchain. IDON can be exchanged for other items of value, other cryptocurrencies and can be bought and sold with fiat currency as a trading pair as well.

why Idon?

For qualifying real estate, an offer from Idoneus or one of its high net worth clients can provide a property owner with full value and a near immediate sale. IDON provides risk diversification, tangible value, utility and token liquidity (expanded descriptions below). Furthermore, IDON is safe, secure and provides protection through the smart contracts that govern each token. Unlike many property owner’s current holdings, IDON is easily divisible, has no holding costs, has no management oversight responsibilities and can be used as a method of payment for other items of value and is easily moveable throughout the world.


Liquidity Easily divest out of dormant, under-utilized, or under-performing holdings, and move to an asset class with no holding costs and growing utility. IDON can be used to purchase, rent and experience luxury assets, goods and services and is tradable now for other cryptocurrencies, which are both convertible into US Dollars (and other fiat/traditional currencies).

Utility IDON enables fast, secure, contact-free payment for luxury assets and experiences, such as beachfront villas, boutique hotels, luxury yachts, fine art and more.

Tangible Value A digital currency that can be utilized to buy or rent physical assets of nearly every kind, often at a relative discount to prevailing market prices.

Risk Diversification Keep transactions for luxury assets and experiences within the network, using IDON, avoiding external currency fluctuations and other sector-based shocks.

Idoneus vision.

The Idoneus Ecosystem has been built to be a completely new digital economy for all things luxury, where holders of IDON are able to purchase / rent or otherwise experience luxury assets, as well as trade IDON for desirable services and experiences, often at a discount to conventional pricing. Their vision is to create an economy which brings near instant liquidity for asset owners and instant utility for token holders. An economy where asset holders can monetize an asset (via rental or sale) and move into liquidity overnight. The Idoneus Economy is a place where newly unlocked liquidity can be utilized immediately.


Idoneus understands that protecting the value of one’s assets is of paramount importance. This is true whether holding a physical or digital asset. In order to protect all holders of IDON, Idoneus’ blockchain specialists have embedded a smart contract which allows individual token holders the right to sell IDON on select public exchanges for a value of $10.00 or more per token. This mechanism was put in place as Idoneus desires to avoid any possibility for significant token holders to negatively impact value of the entire Idoneus Economy by one significant holder divesting of their tokens at a grossly discounted value which could be a detriment to the entire ecosystem.

This feature gives all holders of IDON the confidence they require, while also providing the freedom to sell tokens privately at a price above or below $10.00 per token, as well as the option to use IDON tokens as payment for other items of value at any price basis two parties deem acceptable. This functionality provides all holders of IDON significant avenues for utility while protecting the overall value of the entire Idoneus Economy at the same time.

IDON is accepted for significant transactions worldwide, to include: a wide range of luxury assets, such as original Pablo Picasso artwork, multi million dollar luxury properties, GIA certified diamonds, gold, silver, fine jewelry and more (examples of recent transactions can be found in the news link below).

do you have high value real estate properties?.

Idoneus is seeking to work with a select group of property owners which meets the criteria outlined below. Idoneus corporately and their high net worth token holders have the capacity to complete hundreds of acquisitions of significant properties over the next 12 to 18 months.

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